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Welcome to Pension Paparara

You are in a fare comfortably decorated in the Tahitian style, facing the lagoon, pampering in the sun, bathing in turquoise water among thousands of fish, far from the stress…Come and visit one of the most beautiful islands of French Polynesia, more precisely in the Tuamotu Archipelago that is FAKARAVA. We are on an atoll classified as a “biosphere reserve” by UNESCO, renowned for its diving and its beautiful white sand beaches…

Ato and Corina, managers of the first guesthouse on the island, invite you to regenerate your mind, body and soul in true Polynesian life and Taumotu hospitality.

We offer a number of activity choices and a great accommodation/snorkeling package.

Our guesthouse “Paparara” in Fakarava is originally a family pearl farm, located on the edge of the lagoon with a beautiful white sand beach. The boarding house is located at approximately: 6 Kms in the South of the village of Rotoava and 200m from the Hotel Matai Dream.

Ideal for your vacations in group or individual, for the lovers of the diving in bottle, of the relaxation in the sun, the adventurers of the nature of the photo: various excursions in boat, rent scooter and bicycle, kayac…

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